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Isla Taboga, Panama

Closest Island to Panama City, Panama
An Island With lots of Pirate History and Culture

Taboga, the island of the flowers....

This island has a carribean flare with lots of sun. Everything in walking distance. Spend your time on the beach or in the mountains..taboga has it all!

Join us on a 4X4 tour up the mountains and through a jungle trail to some of the most amazing mountain views you will every enjoy on an island. Get to go back in time to see one of the bunkers from world war 2. Past guests have said this is the highlight of their panama vacation.

Come see the whales around Taboga in the months of July-Oct. Humpback whales come to the Pacific side of Panama to breed and give birth.

This is definitely something amazing to see!

Experience a day of fishing in the waters of Panama's Pacific Ocean where some of the world's biggest fish have been caught!

We are waiting to welcome you to Taboga!



"I just love this place"

"This island has it all"


Just a 30 min Ferry ride from   Panama City



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